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>> Monday, March 16, 2009

US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites

Geleidelijk aan beginnen steeds meer dingen naar buiten te komen. Veel is al bekend en het is niet verrassend, maar pas als je het leest besef je pas goed wat er is gebeurd.

Mark Danner:

How should we begin to talk about this? Perhaps with a story. Stories come to us newborn, announcing their intent: Once upon a time... In the beginning... From such signs we learn how to listen to what will come. Consider:

I woke up, naked, strapped to a bed, in a very white room. The room measured approximately 4m x 4m [13 feet by 13 feet]. The room had three solid walls, with the fourth wall consisting of metal bars separating it from a larger room. I am not sure how long I remained in the bed....

A man, unnamed, naked, strapped to a bed, and for the rest, the elemental facts of space and of time, nothing but whiteness.

Niet alleen is het onmenselijk maar door dit "verhoor" zal geen rechter deze man (Abu Zubaydah) nog kunnen veroordelen. Althans, in een rechtsstaat.


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