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>> Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wie cariere wil maken, wie echt verder wil komen in de wereld, gaat naar Amerika. Als je films wil maken moet je niet in Hilversum zijn maar in Hollywood en als je politiek wil maken moet je Washington zijn, niet in Den Haag. Zo ook Geert Wilders.

Hij is er al vaker geweest. Maar vooral sinds zijn hij in Nederland wordt vervolgd voor discriminatie en de Britten hem de toegang tot het land hebben ontzegd is hij er populair. De hele ophef die er nu rond zijn persoon is heeft hem geen windeieren gelegd. Dit betaald zich niet alleen uit in populariteit: hij krijgt volgens Right Web materiële steun van diverse rechtse, neoconservatieve groeperingen:

* Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy,
* David Horowitz’s Freedom Center,
* Daniel Pipes’s Middle East Forum.

Door die laatste groep wordt hij ook geholpen bij zijn rechtszaak in Nederland. Hij is op TV geweest bij Bill O'Reily en Glenn Beck.

Hier bij Bill O'Reily:

en hier bij Glenn Beck:

Transcript interview bij Glenn Beck:

[Glenn Beck] People in America just cant seem to get away from politics, the fact is that I said these things while George Bush was president in office, and I say them while president Obama is in office. We are headed for really troubled time unless we wake up.
Socialism is one [sic] in fact it is not just finance. If you want to see how our future looks like all you have to do is look to Europe because we are following their pattern. They are a few years ahead of us when it comes to socialism and I think they are also a few years ahead of us when it comes to shutting down free speech.

With me now is Dutch law maker Geert Wilders, he is facing jail time now in the Netherlands for his view points on Islam. He has also been barred from entering Great Britten to attend a screening of his new film.

Good to see you again Sir

[Geert Wilders] Good to see you Glenn, pleasure to be in you show.

[GB] How surprised where you that you couldn’t go to the UK?

[GW] (0:55) Well I am very surprised, I really thought that the United Kingdom was a democracy with freedom of speech high on the agenda. I was one month before in December last year a guest of the House of Lords preparing the visit and the showing of Fitna and nobody banned me at that time. And then a few days before I went to the UK a got a letter delivered by [sic] the UK ambassador in The Hage saying that I would not be welcome because of my views on Islam and my short film Fitna I would threaten community harmony – whatever it means – and therefore public security. And I thought by my self this is very wrong so I just take a plane and let them send me back if they have the guts to [do it] and [un]fortunately they did.

(1:37) [GB, simultaan met Geert] They did.

[GB] But you are here in America now and did you have a hard time [getting here?]

[GW] Well the good new is that I had a very easy time to enter the United States thanks to you immigration officers.

(1:48) [GB, lachend] oh yeah now we let everybody in [he] has come through the back door.
Ok, first of all I have to give you this quote … and get your thoughts [were are] my glasses? [Leest voor, tekst wordt in beeld gebracht] THE FACT THAT IN MOHAMMEDAN LAW EVERY WOMAN MUST BELANG TO SOME MAN AS HIS ABSOLUTE PROPERTY EITHER AS A CHILD, A WIFE OF A CONCUBINE. MUST DELAY THE FINAL EXTINCTION OF SLAVERY UNTIL THE FAITH OF OF [sic] ISLAM HAS CEASED TO BE GREAT POWER AMONG MEN. [caps in orgineel].

Pretty outrages stuff?

[GW] Yeah

[GB] You didn’t say that though?

[GW] I didn’t say that no.

[GB] No, Winston Churchill said that

[GW] Yeah, Winston Churchill as a matter of fact in a book in the fifties also made a comparison like Oriana Fallaci in Italy, but also Winston Churchill, the comparison between Mein Kamp and the Koran. One of the reasons that I am being prosecuted. I don’t remember, Winston Churchill who got a Nobel Price for this book, really would have been prosecuted. And I have nothing against people. I have nothing against Muslims, but my point is that the Islam is a totalitarian ideology that should be compared not so much with other religions, but with other totalitarian ideologies, like Communism or Fascism. And I would have been allowed to enter the United Kingdom I would have gone to the house of Lords and I would have reminded them to one of the giants of America who spoke there in 1982, this was president Reagan. And president Reagan in the House of Lords, while warning for Communism said if history teaches us anything it teaches us that self delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly. And of course he was talking about Communism but what he mend is that we cannot escape, we cannot escape for totalitarian ideologies that want to destroy us. Well, the totalitarian ideology that wants to destroy our freedom today, unfortunately is the Islam and we should standup and fight it.

[GB] Well, your country has been radically changed, and it is really through political correctness, I mean I disagree with you on Islam. I know that Muslims that are good people

[GW, valt Glenn in de rede] I have nothing against … It’s the ideology

[GB hervat] ... right. ... as it’s used for control…

[GW] exactly

[GB] …purposes. (4:58) But I just want to show America this, I don’t even know if this is shown on television here in the United States we had somebody… [onderbreekt zichzelf, waarschijnlijk spreekt hij tegen de regie] Can I have little bit more than 30 seconds? We had somebody on television, or that was running a television station, just a couple of weeks ago, behead somebody in an honor killing. And in England were you are not allowed to say anything they have a anti Christmas message. The Queen gives a Christmas message, and I just want to play a little bit of the other side I guess, for fairness against Christmas. The other side. This is…do we have the video…this is the video of the other side… we don’t have it? … we reloaded… there it is.

[video toont toespraak Ahmadinejad sprekend in Farsi]

[GB vervolgt, spreekt door over de video heen] they have Ahmadinejad give the anti Christmas message in the United Kingdom that’s insanity.

[GW neemt over] They have Ahmadinejad in the United Kingdom, they have people shouting Hamas Gamas and all the Jews have to be gassed, in the centre of London. They have Al Qaida affiliates as guest for Lord Achmed in the House of Lords a few years ago. They have pop music bands in December last year who are shouting music that gays should be killed. The have the most terrible thing and one gay like myself is standing up and saying this is wrong you have to defend freedom of speech and warn against the totalitarian ideology of the Islam and I am being banned. I’m here today Glenn, this week in the U.S. to really learn from you. What I want to propose is European kind of 1st amendment. I want all the hate law’s that are only used against us to be abolished in Europe. Let us come with a European kind of 1st amendment and learn from the freedom of speech that you Americans have.

[GB] well we are … we take it for granted. I don’t people really understand it here. Best of luck to you. Stay save.

[GW] thank you, thanks a lot(5:48)

Merk op dat ik niet zeker weet of hij het nou onplezerig vond dat hij door de Britten werd teruggestuurd of niet. Beide interpretaties zijn mogelijk.

Hij krijgt ook veel steun van Pamela Geller. Op haar website was al langer een interview met hem aanwezig met de titel: De "dapperste man van Europa". Om een indruk te krijgen hoe zij over Islam denkt (en Obama) wat typerende koppen:

* Jihad Conference in Milan, Italy

(all-caps in origineel)

Recent is er een klein probleem gebleken: de PVV is goede vrienden met het Vlaams Belang die niet geheel vrij is van vreemde smetten. Dit is waarschijnlijk de achtergrond van de veroordeling door Anti Defamation League (ADL):

Andrew Rosenkranz, ADL Florida Regional Director, issued the following statement:

The ADL strongly condemns Geert Wilders' message of hate against Islam as inflammatory, divisive and antithetical to American democratic ideals.

This rhetoric is dangerous and incendiary, and wrongly focuses on Islam as a religion, as opposed to the very real threat of extremist, radical Islamists.

Vervelend voor Wilders is echter dat het ADL gelieerd is met rechts in Israel (Likoed), de Israëlische achterban van Geert Wilders.


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